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Telemedicine Benefits for Crossing the Healthcare Divide

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Report Summary

One of the most distressing divides in the U.S. is between those who have access to good healthcare and those who don’t. But telemedicine offers a new way to provide healthcare that crosses the divide, using new processes and technology to meet current and future challenges facing the healthcare system. A wide array of new sensor technology, a robust network that can manage and process large amounts of data, and the use of AI to both analyze data from patients and simplify the patient experience will be critical in delivering telemedicine capabilities. These technologies will not be possible without a fast, persistent, wireless network with enough bandwidth to support telemedicine apps. That makes 5G essential for next-generation telemedicine. 

Read this Tech Target article to learn more about how the use of 5G in telemedicine demands a carrier that is intimate with the unique issues of telemedicine and has strong working relationships with the partners that will provide the holistic solution.










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